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Critical Care Concepts provides critical care nursing education programs and consultation on critical care nursing practice. All programs and services are provided by Brenda Lynn Morgan.

Brenda is a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in the Critical Care Trauma Centre (CCTC), Victoria Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. She has 44 years of critical care experience, including more than 40 years as an educator. She has extensive critical care teaching experience, including the development and instruction of a hospital-based critical care program. She has spoken locally, nationally and internationally on a variety of professional and clinical topics.

In her roles as educator and CNS, Brenda has developed evidence-based nursing procedures, standards of care, quality improvement protocols and educational websites for both CCTC health professionals and family members. A strong advocate for the value of certification in critical, she was a member of the committe that prepared the Proposal for Specialty Designation for the Critical Care Nursing in Canada in 1993. She was an item writer and member of the national critical care nursing certification examination committee from its inception in 1993 until 2009. She authored 3 versions of an examination preparation study guide for the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses, with the most recent edition being available on-line to members only.

A long standing supporter and lifetime member of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses, Brenda has held a variety of positions on both the national Board of Directors and the London Regional Chapter Executive including President (1992-1994). She has chaired 4 of CACCN's national educational meetings (Dynamics '91, '94, "99 and '02) and was most recently a member of the 2011 London, Ontario planning committee.


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