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Critical Care Review Course: February 4 to April 1 2021

This course will be offered virtually, Thursdays from 1000 to 1500 hrs
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Critical Care Review Courses  
Critical Care review courses are geared to experienced Critical Care nurses (Intensive Care). Core competencies for the national certification examination for critical care nursing (adult examination) will be covered during this program. This course is suitable for nurses who are seeking a personal review, preparing to write the national ceritifcation examination or seeking Continuing Learning Hours to maintain certification in Critical Care nursing. Basic ECG interpretation and experience with hemodynamic monitoring and invasive mechanical ventilation is assumed.
Courses for Nurses without Critical Care Experience
Cardiorespiratory Review (Nursing Review Part 1) Introduction to ECG

This course includes 18 hours of review of cardiorespiratory anatomy and pathophysiology. Common cardiovasulcar and respiratory disorders and the acute management of cardiorespiratory emergencies are covered. Basic ECG interpretation is an asset but is not a prerequisite to this course. This course is geared to nurses working in acute or community settings who are seeking a general system review. This course can be taken before or after the Nursing Review Part 2 course.

This course is offered over 2 - full day classes and provides and introduction to basic rhythm interpretation and recognition of common arrhythmias.
  Nursing Review Part 2

This course includes 18 hours of review of the neurological assessment, sepsis and the renal, GI and endocrine systems. This course is geared to nurses working in acute and community settings who are seeking a general review. This course covers additional topis not covered during the Cardiorespiratory Review. The Cardiorespiratory Review and Nursing Review Part 2 can be taken in any sequence.



    London, Ontario · N6E 3T3


Brampton, Ontario
Critical Care Nursing Review Course
For nurses WITH critical care experience

Location: William Osler Heath System, Brampton Civic Hospital, Brampton, Ontario

Class Dates (0800-1500): 0ctober 5, 26, November 2 and December 7, 2019 and January 11 and 25, 2020.

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Online Registration for Full 6 - Day Course (with option to alternate sites)

Online Registration for Individual Class Days (register for 1-6 classes)

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